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Rio Paso Web Design is THE answer when it comes to small business web design. Our services combine artistry and technology to provide your small business or organization with a web presence that combines these features with online functionality in one attractive and seamless package. Our focus is geared toward the following endeavors:

  • Small business
  • Hobbyists - particularly targeting small animal and large livestock
  • Non-profit groups and organizations

A small business ourselves, we appreciate and identify with your unique needs and requirements. We know that a professional looking website will stimulate sales as compared to a 'home-made' web site and present that all important first impression to prospective customers.

We also appreciate that cost is one of the main concerns when launching any new venture. Our design and website maintenance services are very affordable. Working with you on a personal level, we include all elements required for taking your business online.

MEET OUR DESIGNERS...Charlcie Fowler and Vicki Cox

CharlcieCharlcie Fowler - I have been a small animal hobbyist for over 40 years and a large livestock breeder for nearly 20, I know that while the desire is to put forth an upscale, professional image, budget realities most often are what drive your website design. Using Rio Paso Web Design means you do not have to sacrifice site quality and performance. My services are very affordable.

My committment to volunteerism and organizations that improve and enrich the lives of others, have driven me to share my talents at a discount from my already reasonable fees.

"Sometimes the smartest thing 'you' do is not something you do at all. The smartest thing I have done in recent memory is ask Charlcie Fowler to design and manage our ARBA District One website. She is incredibly responsive and professional in her approach and communication. The site looks great and I look good without lifting a finger."

American Rabbit Breeders Assoc.Roger Hassenpflug
District One Director
American Rabbit Breeders Assoc.

Because I identify strongly with the above endeavors, I will create a web presence that reflects you and your interests uniquely. For this reason, I do not employ the use of templates. Your website will be one-of-a-kind.

I take pride in having established a reputation of excellence and customer satisfaction. I am driven by a high level of commitment to exceptional customer service. My aim is to always exceed your expectations. Whether you represent a business, organization, or are simply wanting to promote an avid hobby or interest, I'm happy to assist you in creating a unique, effective web presence. I look forward to the opportunity to partner with you in presenting you, your organization or business, to the community that is the World Wide Web. Contact Me Today!

Charlcie Fowler


Vicki Cox - Web Designer and peripheral systems analyst

Vicki Cox - I am excited to be able to share my 17 years of experience in web design and associated technology elements with Rio Paso Web Design's clients. I am a certified Microsoft Professional and Macromedia Designer and use these skills to optimize your website in order that you and your small business or organization may take advantage of the latest in web-based technology and accessibility standards.

I am also highly skilled in diagnosing and repairing problem areas whether the issue is with deprecated code, syntax errors, or database structure. My interpersonal skills and knowledge can now be applied as part of our new remote help desk services which are available on request. Should you should experience software or hardware problems, I stand ready, willing, and able to help.

I continually track and evaluate new standards, technologies and trends in website development, design and delivery and make these conventions available to you. I make it possible for your website to be on the cutting edge as far as performance and accessibility. I welcome the opportunity to transform your present website into the ultimate business tool it was meant to be.

Vicki Cox