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It has always been our goal to design websites specifically geared toward meeting the needs of our clients. When it comes down to assisting you in all the aspects of constructing an internet presence, we consider it not only part of the job, but a privilege. Each website we design is as unique as the individual, business, or organization it represents. Contact Us Today!

Following are the services we offer for your consideration:

Custom Web Page Design | Artwork & Logos | Animated Graphics | Custom Business Cards
Flash Animation | Banners | Website Maintenance | Meta Development | Remote Desk Top Service

On Behalf of the Clatsop County Fairgrounds I would like to say how great it has been working with Charlcie and Rio Paso Web Design. As an events center we are constantly updated and changing our website. Thanks to Charlcie it is always accomplished quickly and looks better then I would have imagined. I highly endorse her services.

Gary Friedman
Fair Manager
Clatsop County Fair & Expo
Astoria, Oregon

Custom Web Page Design
We don't just build websites, we design them. The websites we design are customized to meet your needs. We deliver what the client asks for. Our custom web design service operates on the premise that you, the client have a need for and deserves a strong branding presence. Each website is unique when it comes to design considerations. We often create multiple mock-ups before settling on the best, most effective web design for you. Contact Us Today!

Let us prepare a no cost, no obligation design layout and estimate to suit your needs.

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Artwork & Logos
Included in our services is custom graphics design. Even if you already have a website, you may be looking for those special finishing touches that quality custom graphics can provide. Designer graphics can make your website stand out above the rest. Perhaps all you need is a favicon to help make your branding stand out in your visitors' bookmarked sites. No job is too small. I also create artwork designed for print applications. You will find our charges for artwork to be very affordable - custom quality at a discount price.

Contact us for an estimate and quote...

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Animated Graphics
Yes, we do them. Animated gifs are typically used on a web page to attract visitors' attention. However, we always emphasize to our clients to use them in moderation. Excessive use of animated images on a web page is very distracting and is surely a major irritant. It is important to keep in mind that visitors come to your site for information - not to look at an animated GIF creation. An animated GIF that repeats no more than 3 times is much more esthetically pleasing than one that loops endlessly. That being said, below is an example of a simple animated GIF. It does loop forever, but this is only for display purposes:

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Custom Business Cards
While a Website is the best way to meet and greet potential customers, they need to know that your website exists. A business card accomplishes this task very well. Business cards are portable - going anywhere you do. A custom designed card does it better. Due to numerous requests, we have decided to add this service. We will create a custom designed card for much less than many people pay for stock designs. If a stock design is what you want, check out your local print shop, or print them yourself from a template. If you want a unique design created just for you, check out our 'Business Card' page. Below is an example:

Rio Paso Design Business Cards

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Flash® Animation
We create Flash® animation elements that will effectively enhance your website's image. We prefer this application of Flash rather than a Flash-Intensive or Flash-based website. A good example of employing Flash in a website would be a photo slide show or an impressive animation in your home page header graphic. Below is a very modest example of a simple Flash animation:

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Web banners are images or animations which advertise products or services. They can be placed within your own site or displayed on another website as a form of advertizing for your web-based business. I will create a custom banner for you that conforms to the Internet Advertising Bureau's voluntary guidelines for standard banner sizes. Available banner styles are:
  1. Static banners - Basic GIF or JPG image formats.
  2. Animated banners - Animated GIFs or Flash files
  3. Interactive banners - Banners that respond to visitor actions such as mouse-overs, etc.

The cost to develop and create a banner is at the same reasonable rate we charge for all graphic design. Contact Us Today!

Rio Paso Web Design...Attractive, Affordable Websites that are Effective.

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Website Maintenance
Unprofessional site updating often damages the site, no matter how unintentional it might be. Links can be broken or lost. Files exposed for easy exploit by hackers and spammers. Graphics not properly optimized, slow webpage downloads, etc. One "oops!" and your web page can look a shambles if you don't know how to read and rewrite the code.

We will, on request and for a reasonable fee, regularly update your *site on either an "as needed" basis or on a full maintenance contract as you desire.

We understand the frustration that you or your staff simply don't have the skills or more importantly, the time to be effective on the web. A quick email or phone call is all it takes to update your site knowledgeably and quickly. Contact Us Today!
*Sites created by Rio Paso Web Design. We will consider maintenance on "outside" designed sites on a case-by-case basis.

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Meta Development
We understand the importance of tags and keyword selection. Every site we design is coded with search engine indexing in mind. On completion of the site we will submit the site to major search engines. Contact Us Today!

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Remote Desk Top Services
For instant and cost effective support we now offer Remote Support Desktop Service. Our remote desktop control utility allows us to assist you remotely via the internet securely and cost effectively. When needed, this service can be worth a million bucks, but don't worry...our charges for this service are VERY reasonable. Contact Us Today!

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A favicon is a small image (16 x 16 px) that appears on the browser tab of a website. It usually acts as a web site identifier, using elements of the logo and/or website colors.