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Rio Paso Web Design is a
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While we do receive a commission for web host accounts with JustHost that originate from our affiliate account link above, please be assured under NO circumstances will we recommend ANY product or service
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The following TERMS OF SERVICE are for all Rio Paso Web Design clients. These terms are subject to change without warning and should be read prior to each order you place with me. Payment, whether deposit, in-full, or any amount thereof, solidifies your acceptance of these terms.

I, sole proprietor of Rio Paso Web Design, reserve the right to refuse, suspend or terminate services at my discretion.

By ordering services through Rio Paso Web Design you are agreeing to the following:

  • A 50% deposit of the estimated quote is due prior to the start of any work beyond the mock-up stage.
  • The price quote you receive is based on the scope and complexity of your project and the estimate of the time it will take me to complete it. I arrive at this estimate through information I have collected from you about your project. This is an initial price quote. If, after the deposit is made and work is started, you decide to change the scope of your project, or add any extra services, you will be billed (upon project completion), for any extras beyond the initial estimate criteria.
  • All pricing is subject to change without prior notification. All prices are US dollars.
  • Rio Paso Web Design does not issue refunds after the final mock up has been approved. There are no exceptions. If the project is terminated by either party during the design process, the 50% deposit will be retained for design work completed to that point.
  • Late Payments. In order for Rio Paso Web Design to remain in business, payments must be made promptly. Delinquent bills will be assessed a $15 charge if payment is not received within 21 days of the due date. If an amount remains delinquent 30 days after its due date, an additional 5% penalty will be added for each month of delinquency. Rio Paso Web Design reserves the right to remove webpages from viewing on the Internet until final payment is made. In case collection proves necessary, the client agrees to pay all fees incurred by that process. Payment of the 50% deposit and acceptance of such deposit by Rio Paso Web Design for web design services constitutes the client's agreement to this and all terms outlined herein. Regardless of the location of the client's business, venture, or organization, the client agrees that for purposes of venue, agreements for service are entered into in Wichita County, Texas, and any dispute will be litigated or arbitrated in Wichita County, Texas. Please pay on time.
  • If requesting a site-based blog, please be advised that update and monitoring of the blog is the client's responsibility
  • The client is responsible for obtaining proper licensing for all blog or other software used. Rio Paso Web Design does not provide support for use of blog or other software. It is the sole responsibility of the client to obtain support from the appropriate vendor.
  • Rio Paso Web Design is not responsible for the images placed on your new design. If you provide me with an image please let me know the source so that proper credit may be given. If you direct me to find an image for you, I will obtain your image from one of a number of royalty-free stock photography/illustration websites. Custom grahics may be ordered though additional fees will apply. All images are provided and/or approved by the client, and therefore all risk of liability is presupposed.
  • Design includes up to two mock-ups and up to 4 minor revisions to the final mock-up. It is important that you list all your concerns/changes to the design at this stage as once the final mock-up is approved, balance paid, and site uploaded, no more major changes will be made. Changes made after this stage will be billed accordingly.
  • Rio Paso Web Design cannot guarantee websites will view the same in every single browser and/or platform. I will do my best to ensure that your new design is functional in the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera, Netscape and Safari for Windows and Mac.
  • Rio Paso Web Design reserves the right to state when a client has exhausted this designer's services at any time.
  • Placement of a link to the Rio Paso Web Design website is required for the duration of your use of the design. Removal of this link is a violation of your agreement with me.
  • Rio Paso Web Design will save a back-up of the client's design if enrolled in one of Rio Paso Web Design's web maintenance plans. If the client opts to maintain their site themselves, site design will not be retained, but a CD containing all the site files will be provided for an additional $10.00 fee.
  • Once a website design is completely installed and any minor changes have been made, the client assumes all responsibility for the site unless enrolled in a maintenance plan.
  • All designs by Rio Paso Web Design are exclusively created for use by the clients who commissioned them. Designs created by Rio Paso Web Design may only be used for their original purpose. Clients are not permitted to republish or sell such designs. The rights to any photos, graphics and source code are not transferred to the client; each element remains the property of its respective owners.
  • Rio Paso Web Design retains the right to display graphics and other web design elements from any design as examples of work anywhere on the internet or as hard copies.

Acceptable Use

Rio Paso Web Design will not create web designs which contain any of the following:

  • Any content which is in violation of any Federal, State or Local regulation.
  • Racism or prejudice due to color, creed, or belief; any violent/malicious/obscene content written, visual or implied.
  • Any material I feel to be abusive, obscene, or otherwise questionable.